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Our Restoration division covers all areas of Ontario, operating mainly within the GTA and surrounding areas. Our work encompasses a wide range of scopes, ranging from small maintenance items to large scale full building revitalization projects on residential high-rises & townhouse complexes, Institutional, Commercial and Industrial buildings. We have extensive experience working directly for Owners, Property Managers and/or General Contractors and would be happy to discuss future opportunities with you.

A small list of projects we have completed in recent years can be viewed below as reference for the types of work we can provide.


Facade Restoration


Emergency Building Facade Loose Concrete Removals & Investigation

Emergency loose precast concrete survey and removals. Re-caulking of missing and deteriorated precast joints. Precast aggregate patching repairs. All work completed via swing stage and boom. Installation of overhead scaffold protection and hoarding at ground level.


Exterior Re-caulking Work

Access to all building elevations via swing stage and/or boom lift, in order to replace all building sealants. This included all window joints, brick masonry and precast joints. Replacement of all vent grilles. Localized brick replacement, repointing and vertical concrete repairs.


Restoration and Protection of the Building Cladding System

Work involved the replacement of all building sealants, replacement of spalled bricks and repointing of deteriorated masonry joints. Localized concrete repairs were completed at vertical concrete areas of the building. New cap flashing was installed at all precast masonry copings throughout. All work completed via swing stage and boom lifts. Overhead power line protection and overhead scaffold protection was also used throughout.


Building Envelope Rehabilitation Project

Access to all building elevations via swing stage complete with ground level overhead scaffolding protection and hoarding. All building sealants were replaced, localized patching and the application of a new coating to all EIFS/ stucco surfaces.  


Parking Garage & Ramps


Parking Lot Membrane Replacement

The project involved the removal of the existing thin system waterproofing membrane on an above ground parking garage. Completion of required concrete repairs to the suspended parking deck slab. Replacement of drains. Routing and sealing of cracks on the slab. Following all localized repairs, we installed a new hot applied waterproofing membrane complete with bonded asphalt overlay.


Garage and Ramp Repairs

The project included parking garage as well as garage ramp repairs. The ramp repairs were completed in phases in order for the garage to remain operational. Ramp repairs included mastic and waterproofing replacement, concrete repairs as well as drains/ plumbing and painting work.


Garage Ramp Heating & Topping Replacement

Complete replacement of the garage entrance ramp mastic asphalt topping including all new heating cables. Localized concrete repairs were completed as required. Access to the garage was maintained throughout the project by completing the work with a phased approach.


Parking Garage Repairs and Garage Ramp Heating Cables Replacement - Phases 1 & 2

Parking garage entrance ramp topping, waterproofing and heating cables replacement. Parking garage concrete repairs and thin system waterproofing membrane replacement. All work completed in phases in order to keep the garage operational during repairs.


Parkade Repairs & Replacement of Expansion Joints

Parking garage restoration including replacement of gland expansion joints, concrete repairs, sealant replacement, precast sealer installation and replacement of mastic waterproofing throughout. Drain and pipe replacement. All work was completed after-hours to avoid disturbing the nearby office building(s).


Heritage & Masonry


Exterior Restoration of the Front Facade

The work originated as the front facade of the building showed large areas of masonry deteriorated and highly unstable conditions. Phase 1 involved emergency scaffold, shoring and site provisions. Once the site was safe, we executed facade investigation and subsequent demolition of the front building facade. Once complete, the front facade will be re-built to match existing, per heritage requirements. Other facade improvements will include new windows and doors, lintels, flashing and parapet improvements.


Brick & Balcony Slab Repairs and Window Sealant Replacement

This wall repairs project involved accessing all areas of the building elevations via scissor lift/boom. The scope of work included the removal of loose concrete at balcony structures, localized masonry repairs including brick replacement and tuckpointing, overcladding of chimney structures and the replacement of all window sealants.


Parapet Masonry Repairs

Parapet masonry repairs including re-building of the upper parapet brick wythe and repointing. Replacement of concrete cap stones to match existing


Landscaping & Waterproofing


Foundation Wall Waterproofing Repairs

Work is comprised of foundation wall waterproofing repairs, being completed in phases so as to keep the Church operational during repairs. Repairs include deep excavations in order to expose the foundation walls, including the use of shoring as required. Localized block foundation repairs. Mortar joint re-pointing at block foundation walls. Re-waterproofing of the foundation using cold-applied products. Reinstatement of overburden including new drainage layer and asphalt/softscaped finishes at completion



Waterproofing of Ground Floor Slab - South Side of Building

Foundation re-waterproofing including excavation, preparation, replacement of masonry and installation of new waterproofing. Re-instatement of on-grade finishes at completion. Replacement of concrete sidewalk and garbage loading pad.


Remedial Work and Completion of Garage Rehabilitation Project


Completion of the parking garage roof deck including concrete repairs, expansion joints and painting within the parking garage. Re-waterproofing of the roof deck, including landscape finishes, electrical fixtures and hardscaping.


Miscellaneous Site Repairs

General site repairs - Slab on grade ramp repairs, heating cables replacement, localized concrete repairs. Exterior & interior parking garage repairs. Retaining walls repairs, re-painting, metal flashing, pedestrian pavement, stairwell and asphalt repairs.